Engine automotive engine oil filter 15400-RTA-003 diesel lube spin-on oil filter element


oil filter

Fits/Car Make:& OEM No.

OEM NO.: 15400-RTA-003


Outer diameter [mm]: 68 Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 63 Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 54 Thread size: M20X1,5 Height [mm]: 87


Wood pulp filter paper,poly urethane,rubber,iron etc.

Replaces  Number:

L40594 PF2057




 Truck Engine/Auto Engine/Excavator Engine/Industrial Machinery



1.For removal of dust and other particles2.Adopt high performance 100% wood pulp filter paper 3.100% mechanical rubber 4.Filtration efficiency over 99% 5.High standards from first grade materials specific to its application for  European truck
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month Packaging Details & Delivery
15400-RTA-003 oil filter one piece in poly bag to be put in one box, 50 boxes to be packed in one carton, Or as per customer's packing instruction.
Port Tianjin Shanghai Guangzhou Qingdao Ningbo Lead Time 
Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 100 >100
Est. Time(days) 25 To be negotiated
Our filters prevent the entry of harmful contaminants to keep the oil clean, free of residue, and free of accumulation. The high-performance stream is compatible with conventional oils and synthetic oils. In order to protect this filter combination to the greatest extent, it will help your engine's long and powerful vitality.  Oil Filter When the engine is working, the metal wear debris generated by the friction surface of the parts, the dust in the atmosphere, and the carbon particles generated by the incomplete fuel combustion will penetrate into the engine oil. The engine oil itself will also produce colloidal deposits due to heat and oxidation. These impurities will be mixed in In the oil. If such dirty engine oil is directly sent to the surface of the moving parts, the mechanical impurities in the engine oil will become abrasives, which will accelerate the wear of the parts, and cause blockage of the oil passages and cementation of parts such as piston rings and valves. Therefore, an oil filter must be provided in the lubrication system so that the circulating oil can be purified before being sent to the surface of the moving parts. Ensure good lubrication of the friction surface and prolong its service life. How to Distinguish True and False Oil Filter Elements For ordinary consumers, we can not see what level of work is inside the machine filter, we can only use some skills to judge. Here are some practical techniques for judging the filter quality of the machine.
First trick: Judging from the appearance details: the appearance of good filter is bound to look good Only high quality machine filters are willing to invest the best cost in the appearance details. The counterfeit goods or refurbished goods do not have the ability at all, nor do they bother to do well. In fact, the method of "filter by appearance" is very useful, because a good filter must have a good appearance. Second trick: see if the filter rubber ring is tough and soft Good machine filter, its rubber ring material will be very thick, and when pressed by hand will also have a soft feeling, to ensure the sealing around the oil inlet and outlet. Third trick: see if it has a check valve structure inside With the help of small tools around to identify whether the machine filter has a check valve structure. Simply put, a check valve is a device that allows the lubrication system to store as much oil as possible after the vehicle has stalled. Fourth trick: Put your finger into the filter and touch the inner wall of the machine to determine if it is fixed properly. Good machine filter, its filter element will be firmly fixed in the machine filter, under the pressure of oil and vehicle bumps will not shift, to ensure that the oil from the filter paper through the completion of filtering. So, from the fixed distance of the filter element Fifth trick: shake hard to filter, listen to whether there is a murmur. A good machine filter can fix the filter element better, and there will be no murmur of interference between components when shaking. Although the oil filter is small, its function is very big. Many car owners pay much attention to the choice of oil, but ignore the choice of oil filter. To some extent, the oil filter is more important than the oil.

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